The best classroom are out there! Eco Travel acquainted in high quality ecological and cultural outbound tours for schools and university. Let’s go out and experience the nature by the firsthand exploration. Our service included:


  • 30 minutes on site inquiry
  • Risk management consultation and successful case sharing.
  • Free of charge

Itinerary design

  • Routes and activities planning
  • Ground logistic, community visits and activities coordination

Field trip materials planning

  • Designed and composed by registered teachers
  • Content drafting and editing

Briefing workshop

  • 1-hour workshop
  • Background information of the destination and objectives of the study trip
  • Tips and advice for the tour


  • Escort by environmental education experts
  • Ground logistic support
  • Hong Kong support team for emergency and contingency

On site workshop

  • 1-hour workshop
  • Summary and debriefing

Suggested Itinerary

Eco Travel offer tailor-made study tours incorporating the sustainable tourism principles and management practices to help school and students become better acquainted with world, both biologically and historically. Please fill in the following form for inquiry. We will get back to you with a most suitable plan to fit your needs.