Eco Travel acquainted in high quality eco and cultural chartered tours for corporate and privates, including schools, university and government. You may just relax and load off for a well prepared and professional local or outbound tours by our experts. Our service included:

Inquiry and itinerary

Just provide your theme, traveling month, background and number of participant, our tour expert will filter and find out the most suitable routes for your consideration.

Workshops and workbook

Want to know more in depth? A pre-trip workshop and workbook will dive you a basic and preliminary understanding of the local wildlife, geology and humanity before your departure.

Secure and support

Hong Kong back office will provide emergency and contingency support through our the trip.

Suggested Itinerary (Local tour)

Suggested Itinerary (Outbound tour)

Eco Travel offer chartered tours incorporating the sustainable tourism principles and management practices. To provides a one-stop-shop traveling plan for unique and premium experience, please fill in the following form for inquiry. We will get back to you with a most suitable plan to fit your needs.