What is Ecotourism


Ecotourism is a growing tourism industry of nature and culture exploration. Unlike ordinary tourism to maximize profits by entertaining tourists, ecotourism emphasizes on balancing three aspects: sustainable economic growthnature conservation and public education.

  1. Sustainable economic growth
    In order to maintain the livelihood of local community, empowering its financial status is conductive to sustain the existence of the traditional practice and encourage the local people to protect their culture.
  2. Nature conservation
    Ecotourism derives employment opportunity and economic growth, fiscal incentive could drive stakeholders to treasure and conserve the nature and heritage.
  3. Public education
    As well-managed ecotour is in small-group and leaded by qualified ecotour guide, tourists could commence to understand in depth, then appreciate and decide to conserve the nature or historical heritage.

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on Jul 02, 2015

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