Responsible Traveler

Responsible tourism

Lately the term “responsible traveler” is frequently quoted. To what and to whom exactly are travelers responsible when traveling? Personally I believe we are accountable to the environment, to which we owe our survival. We also answer to travel destinations’ community and culture; and to our future generations. Delightful as traveling can be, excessive and […]


Bhutanese nurture their dream of happiness

Bhutan, Culture

Enchanting is the scenery of paddy field Alluring are the songs from flowing water and singing birds Defying the ridicule of faraway urban civilizations Mother irrigates the farmland of my home with sweat Growing and nurturing her dream – Wu Cheng Abandoning the usual shortcut of high-speed economic development, the Kingdom of Bhutan and its […]


What is Ecotourism

  Ecotourism is a growing tourism industry of nature and culture exploration. Unlike ordinary tourism to maximize profits by entertaining tourists, ecotourism emphasizes on balancing three aspects: sustainable economic growth, nature conservation and public education. Sustainable economic growth In order to maintain the livelihood of local community, empowering its financial status is conductive to sustain the existence of the […]